Three words that are paramount to the IHSAA: Participation, Scholarship and Sportsmanship. So important are these three expanses, the IHSAA has created three separate committees comprised of member-school administrators, coaches and staff to study, discuss and potentially propose enhancements in these areas
to our Board of Directors.

Initially this spring, the IHSAA will reconvene the Participation Rule Study Committee. Their work will focus on a critical review of the recently amended rules for contact during the school year out-of-season. Additionally, the committee will begin taking a deep dive into summer activities at our member-schools. The challenges for the Participation Rule Study Committee continue to be the achievement of an appropriate balance between suitable programming during these out-of-season opportunities while providing flexibility and time away for student-athletes and coaches.

A new committee being assembled for the first time in many years is theScholarship Rule Study Committee. As the landscape of education-based athletics continues to change rapidly, so too does the waterfront of education delivery systems. Conversations surrounding virtual learning, dual credit courses, minimum standards of achievement along with graduation pathways and their impact on student-athletes will dominate this new committee’s discussion.

Finally, the Sportsmanship Task Force will reunite to examine the successes of our ongoing sportsmanship initiatives and look to new opportunities.

After a year of intentional focus on adult behavior at our events, the task force will explore fresh approaches to invigorate and augment the conversation of proper sportsmanship. Perhaps nothing is more important to the interscholastic sports offering than the continued emphasis on respect and appropriate displays of respectable sportsmanship.

The United States Senator Ed Markey once commented, “Education is not only a ladder of opportunity, but it is also an investment in our future.” The IHSAA continues its exertion toward the investment in our 160,000 student-athletes through education, study and discovery. These three committees and their labors will enrich our already valuable assets and further promote the unquestionable value of education-based sports and activities in our state.


Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc.