Multiple Teams · Southwood Coed Middle School Wrestling beat Wabash High School 30-26

Monday, March 6, 2017

6:00 PM

Wabash High School

Southwood High School

Meet Recap

The Southwood Junior High Wrestling squad took on Rochester and Wabash Monday night.
The Knights defeated Rochester 45-9. In the Wabash match the final score was 26-30 (with 3 exhibition bouts excluded) or 44-30 (all matches included). Different schools choose to score different ways in Junior High.

How ever you score it, there was some good wrestling Monday.

On the Night: Connor Rich and Thomas Charles had 3 wins; Bryce Wyatt, Elijah Sutton, Tristin Hayslett, and Cody Gaylourd had 2 wins; Isaac King, Cayden Prickett, Kaden Rody, Austin Staggs, and Memphis Hiner 1 win. Braxton Worthington was also competing.